CPPNJ Psychoanalytic Training NJ

Program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

This Program follows the Postgraduate Training in Psychodynamic Clinical Practice and provides comprehensive training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  It consists of eight clinical courses which address contemporary and historical theory, and two clinical process mini-courses which focus on uncovering dynamics through writing.

We recommend candidates take two courses per semester and a mini-course in January. Classes are on Zoom or in the Instructor’s office. Supervision and personal treatment, take place on Zoom or in faculty offices.


101 Understanding Human Behavior through a Psychoanalytic Lens: A Survey of the Theoretical Foundations of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
102 Psychoanalytic Ideas in Everyday Practice: Introduction to Clinical Process I
103 The Relevance of Freud and Ego Psychology for Psychotherapists Today
104 Psychoanalytic Ideas in Everyday Practice: Introduction to Clinical Process II
105M Recognizing Clinical Process: Introduction to Clinical Writing (four week mini-course)
201 Object Relations (prerequisite for Psychotherapy I)
202 Transference, Countertransference & Resistance I
203 Psychoanalytic Theories of Personality
204 Transference, Countertransference & Resistance II
205M Recognizing Clinical Process: Countertransference (four week mini-course) (204 taken simultaneously or as a prerequisite)

Candidates take 4 of the 6 300 level courses.
301 Self Psychology and Intersubjectivity
302 Psychoanalytic Perspectives of Development
303 Interpersonal Psychoanalysis
304 Psychopathology I
305 Relational Theory
306 Dreams, Symbolism and Unconscious Process



Upon beginning training, the candidate is assigned an advisor to guide them through the training process, offer suggestions about courses and supervisors, and offer help when needed.

Candidates are also assigned a Mentor who is a member of the Candidates Organization.

Supervision Requirements:

A total of 120 hours of supervision is required, in three blocks of 40 hours each with a faculty member who is at least five years post analytic training. Two blocks may be with the same supervisor. Two blocks may cover discussion of any and all cases. One 40-hour block is dedicated to discussing one patient who the candidate is seeing twice a week for 80 continuous hours.

Personal Psychotherapy Requirements:

The candidate begins twice a week therapy while taking 200 level courses and completes a minimum of 175 hours of personal psychotherapy with a CPPNJ faculty member.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Comprehensive:

The candidate has the choice to do the Comprehensive as a Capstone or for entrance to the Psychoanalysis Program. The candidate will apply the concepts to a twice a week patient in written form and in a case presentation to a faculty committee.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program

Upon completion of all of the program requirements, the candidate will be awarded a certificate of completion in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.