Thank you for your interest in supporting our training programs, and the opportunity to offer our valued learning experiences and Continuing Education to all who are interested.  You are supporting growth for individuals and health for your community.

Robert T. Morrow Scholarship Fund

Your donation will directly support a candidate in need to fulfill Coursework, Supervision and/or Psychoanalytic requirements for training to become a psychodynamic psychotherapist or psychoanalyst.  Each aspect of this rigorous and extensive training is prerequisite to achieve the Certificate of Completion for the course of study.

CPPNJ Moves Forward

This fund is used to maintain and upgrade our technology services to provide a professional virtual/hybrid learining experience.  It is used to procure equipment for use in our courses, workshops and conferences.  We purchase cameras, screens, and tech consultation. It is also used to enhance our website presence, as well as fulfill our print and digital marketing initiatives.  These efforts allow us to teach clinicians of various backgrounds from across the region, country and world.