Certification Requirements

Each course requires attendance at all sessions, with a maximum of two absences in a twelve week course. Candidates write a brief paper in each course. Candidates receive a written evaluation from the instructor at the completion of each course.

Upon the completion of the (4) 100-level courses, the student earns a Certificate of Completion in Postgraduate Training in Psychodynamic Clinical Practice. Following an admissions interview, the student is eligible to pursue further training as a candidate in the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program.

At this time the candidate, if not having done so already, begins supervision and personal treatment according to the requirements of the Program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.



Personal Psychotherapy Requirements

The candidate begins twice a week therapy while taking 200 level courses and completes a minimum of 175 hours of personal psychotherapy with a CPPNJ faculty member.

Supervision Requirements

A total of 120 hours of supervision is required, in three blocks of 40 hours each witha  faculty member who is at lesat five yeras post analytic training. Two blocks may be with the same supervisor. Two blocks may cover discussion of any and all cases. One 40-hour block is dedicated to discussing one patient who the candidate is seeing twice a week for 80 continuous hours. 

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Comprehensive

The candidate has the choice to do the Comprehensive as a Captone or for entrance to the Psychoanalysis Program. The candidate will apply the concepts to a twice a week patient in written form and in a case presentation to a faculty committee.

Program in Psychoanalysis


The Program in Psychoanalysis is a continuation of the Program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. All requirements of the Program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy must be completed before a candidate can move on.

Personal Psychoanalysis Requirements

Candidates complete a minimum of 225 hours at a frequency of three times per week. Candidates choose their own personal analyst from the CPPNJ faculty. A candidate already in treatment with a non-CPPNJ analyst can seek approval from the CPPNJ Training Committee. The psychoanalyst must have five or more years of experience post certification as a psychoanalyst. Candidates are encouraged to begin their analysis early in the program and are strongly encouraged to be in three times a week analysis while treating their 3x/week patient to overlap for a minimum of one year.


A total of 120 hours of supervision is required, in three blocks of 40 hours each with a faculty member who is at least five years post analytic training. Two of the three blocks can be done with the same supervisor. Candidates see a patient three times weekly for a total of 240 continuous contact hours. Two blocks of supervision are primarily dedicated to the 3x/week case.

Final Case Preparation

The candidate submits a written report on their psychoanalytic training case to the Chair of the Final Case Preparation Committee. Candidates need to present their Final Case within two years of completing all other training requirements.

Upon completion of all of the program requirements, the candidate will be awarded a certificate of completion in Psychoanalysis.