CPPNJ - The Center for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy of New Jersey

The CPPNJ Candidates' Organization

The CPPNJ Candidates' Organization (CO) is a support network for the professional needs of candidates as well as an advocate for issues of concern to those in training at CPPNJ and NJCTTP. The Candidates' Organization is also a vehicle through which candidates can volunteer to be a part of the Candidates' Organization committees and projects. The CO arranges its own programs of interest and relevance to its members as well as occasions for socializing.

The CO is open to all candidates in good standing in each of the divisions of CPPNJ: Introductory, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, and the New Jersey Couples Therapy Training Program (NJCTTP). Upon acceptance into the Center for training, each candidate in the Introductory and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Programs is assigned a CO Mentor, who acquaints the candidate with the practical details of study and helps him or her become an integrated member of the CPPNJ community.

The CO has its own by-laws and elects the officers of its Executive Committee every two years. The CO also elects candidate representatives from the New Jersey Couples Therapy Training Program to the CO Executive Committee, as well as candidate representatives to CPPNJ's Board of Directors and Training Committee.

All CPPNJ students are encouraged to become actively involved in the Candidates' Organization. Dues are $40.00 per academic year to participate in the CO programs.

Links to Final Case Documents:
» Introduction [.doc]
» Timeline [.doc]
» Orals [.doc]
» Structure [.doc]

Executive Committee:

Melanie Karger, Co-Chair
Shoshana Stockelberg, Co-Chair
Dayna Bandman, Co-Secretary
Meg Sosnow, Co-Secretary
Marissa Koziar, Treasurer
Melanie Karger, Candidate Representative, Board of Directors
Margot Schwartz, Candidate Representative, Training Committee

» Candidates' Organization By-laws [.doc]