CPPNJ - The Center for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy of New Jersey


The CPPNJ annual Welcome Back Brunch

by Michelle Bauer

The CPPNJ annual Welcome Back Brunch was held on September 18th in Lenfell Hall at Fairleigh Dickinson University. The Brunch marked the beginning of our third year as CPPNJ. Seventy-three members attended the brunch, including seven new candidates and four new faculty members.

The morning began with breakfast and socializing; it was nice to have the opportunity to catch up with colleagues. Seth Warren, Director of CPPNJ, took the mike and announced that we have eight new candidates starting this fall, evidence that our Institute will continue to thrive. Most of the new candidates came from referrals by our community - thanks to all for the recruitment efforts!

Seth then spoke about the need for the creation of a Board of Trustees. This board would consist of representatives from outside CPPNJ who would serve as an advisory board, offering political and networking connections, helping us in fundraising activities, and giving CPPNJ wider roots in New Jersey. Please think of people who you know who might be appropriate members for this Board.

Seth also spoke at length about the issue of proposed laws regarding certification of psychoanalysts which is currently being considered by the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs. The proposed rules of certification are controversial. Seth has attached the rules to recent e-mails to the community and has asked that each of us take the time to write to Michael Walker, coordinator of the Division of Consumer Affairs, to let him know our views. Sample letters will be provided via e-mail.

The candidates left for a meeting of the Candidate's Organization and the various committee chairs gave their reports. All committees (Psychotherapy Center, Public Relations, Marketing, Program, Publications, Recruitment, Website, and E-Newsletter) need more help. Meet new people and become more involved by choosing a committee that interests you and contacting the chairs (listed in the handbook/directory).

Daniel Goldberg, Director of CPPNJ's Couples Division, reported that six new candidates will be starting the couples program in January, 2012. Rose Oosting, Chair of the Public Relations Division, spoke about that division's role as the interface between CPPNJ and the public, via its various committees. Individual committee heads also spoke: Bob Morrow, Chair of the Marketing Committee, spoke of our efforts to promote CPPNJ to the larger Mental Health community. The committee has increased our e-mail list and has fostered relationships with county mental health organizations. Marion Houghton, Chair of the Recruitment committee spoke about going to various organizational programs to promote CPPNJ and keeping in touch with those who attended various conferences in order to foster interest in becoming a part of the CPPNJ community.

Tom Johnson, Dean of Faculty, spoke about the new Faculty Committee. This committee will work to develop more programming for CPPNJ faculty members in order to foster a greater sense of community and support amongst the faculty. The creation of reading and study groups are among the goals of the committee. Faculty members are asked to think about areas of interest for these groups - if you are interested in leading a group please contact Tom Johnson, Bob Levine, Michelle Bauer or Rose Oosting. There will be "Faculty Forums" three times a year. The first will be a presentation by Monica Carsky, "Overwhelming Patients and Overwhelmed Therapists," on November 4th at Lenfell Hall. Judy Oshinsky will present on the relational models of supervision on November 6 at Rutgers University. The others will be held in Central and South Jersey.

Our Program Committee, chaired by Carol Marcus, has been hard at work. CPPNJ will present Muriel Dimen on, "Sex and the Psychoanalyst, Perversion and Desire: A View from 21st Century Feminism," on December 11 in Lenfell Hall. Dan Hill will present "Integration of Attachment Theory and Neurobiology: Clinical Applications," at the Women's Institute at Rutgers University on Sunday, February 26, 2012, and on June 24, 2012, Sue Johnson will present "An Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Approach to Sexual Problems and Crises," in Lenfell Hall. There will also be an all day program in March - more information to come.

Debbie Roelke spoke about the Psychotherapy Center. The Center has received 140 calls this year. The purpose of the Psychotherapy Center is to help candidates get patients and control cases while providing therapy to the New Jersey community.

The efforts of the Training Committee were reported on by Eric Sherman, Associate Dean of Training. New guidelines for Final Case Presentation have been created by the Evaluations sub- committee and will be available for distribution in November. A new FAQ's brochure created by Jan Peters as liaison to the Candidate's Organization was distributed at the Brunch.

All members of the CPPNJ community are encouraged to participate in the activities of the Institute. There are many opportunities to exercise your untapped talents for both short-term and long-term commitments. If you would like further information, contact Cathy, or Rose Oosting (roseoosting@gmail.com) or any committee chair.